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PROVVISIERO S.R.L. is a company working in the potato business from more than 50 years.
The experience, innovative technology and the great care in management are the strengths of this company. Thanks to an advanced production line and to a logistics articulated, Provvisiero srl today can offer the highest quality products and the best current price. Long marketing activities allow it today to boast brands like BONITA, already established on the market, which is a guarantee of Made in Italy and Traceability. Our long experience, combined with essential adaptability to market conditions, allows us to have the best national and European potatoes, so we can provide our customers with excellent products from various backgrounds throughout the year.

Our company has various types of packaging including: Vertbag, poly sacs, cartons in different weights and labeling according to the needs of the markets. Constant investment in research and development allow us to be always ready and flexible to changes on market condition. For each product, which has different characteristics and potential uses, they show the nutritional values and the best solutions for the preparation in the kitchen, to make processing of the plates a continuous discovery.
Our goal, in partnership with biggest European partner, creating innovations and services available to the market and consumers.

Certifications quality assurance

Product quality and consumer health is our primary goal. Our quality system is inspected and certified.
There are also countless checks carried out internally to improve outcomes and consumer satisfaction.
Our certifications are internationally recognized.

Certified organic

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Import Export

Our company is in synergy with the best European partners of the potato industry. It is now more than half a century that the company Provvisiero exports and is the guarantor of the made in Italy in Europe. We are proud to be carrying a high standard of quality and service.
In the same way and with the same accuracy, we choose our partner, opening doors and minds to all imports that can improve our standards and those of our stekeholders.
In Italy and in Europe we guarantee excellence